March 2020
Our hearts and minds are with you all as we are facing and coping with this economic, humanitarian, and health crisis.
Like most businesses worldwide, we’ve been working hard to respond quickly and responsibly to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic. As a company we value our people, partners, and customers and we will be doing everything we can during this challenging time to support them, hence we will remain conditionally open. We’ve worked very hard over the past 30 years to build up our team of very talented individuals and we will be keeping everyone on board so we can continue to offer our services around the world.
From the start of this crisis and even before, we’ve been following the recommended protocols for workplace safety. We are continuously monitoring and implementing recommendations from the Nigerian government and the WHO to prevent the spread of this virus.

We continue to work closely with our customers to adjust and adapt to any changes they are making to how they work. Wherever possible, we are preventing production and delivery disruptions and continue to prioritize high-quality services. We currently have enough products in stock to ensure work can continue during this time and thereafter.
From our Team to yours, we hope that current events will resolve as quickly and safely as possible and we look forward to business returning to normal.

Thank you,
Approved by Management
Koeman Group of Companies

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