For In Vitro Diagnostic Use.

Introducing the Automated Indiko Clinical Chemistry analyzer by Thermo Fisher Scientific. The Indiko Chemistry Analyzer produces results quickly with sample-oriented testing, It can operate with low sample volumes and uses small amounts of water which enables running the laboratory more cost efficiently.. The Indiko analyzer is a fully automated, bench-top system for clinical chemistry and specialty testing, which, once loaded, provides true walk-away time for the operator.

Indiko™ Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

Indiko™ Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

Indiko™ Clinical Chemistry Analyzer Highlights:

Intuitive user interface and many automated features help to manage daily workload.
Benchtop, self-contained unit fits neatly in a lab with space limitations.
Different sample types can be analyzed at the same time.
Continuous access to samples, reagents and cuvettes without interrupting the testing process.
Up to two hours walk-away time.
Dilutions and re-analysis, when necessary, are fully automated.
Real-time quality control program with multiple Westgard rules.
Real-time monitoring of reagent usage, lot follow-up.
Loadable application data andcalibrator and control values from a two-dimensional barcode or from a file.
Bi-directional LIS interface.

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