We have set a standard in
Industrial, Laboratory, and Scientific Distribution and Servicing.

Global Excellence, Trusted Quality, Unmatched Standard.

Our services

With a tailored focus on quality, value, and efficiency, we offer a spectrum of services to help our organizations work better; from consulting, and creating standards of excellence, to training your staff to work in more effective ways to help organizations perform optimally. Our service scope is broadly distributed to our client focus, including research institutions, regulatory bodies, manufacturing companies, hospitals, and energy companies.

Our Products

With our product portfolio, we empower companies of different capacities and focuses on ensuring quality and safety within their operations. Our product range, sourced from reputable manufacturers worldwide, is organized and simplified to highlight their clear focus and benefits to our customers and client base.

Our Partners

Our partners are some of the most respected manufacturers worldwide. They work with us to deliver on the quality objective to our customers – supporting us in helping in providing innovative, effective, and successful products and services vital for achieving our Mission and vision and these objectives to our clients.

Our Subsidiaries

Koeman Integrated Services Ltd

Koeman Integrated Services is an industry leader in the supply of industrial, laboratory, scientific, chemical, reagents, consumables and equipment, and specializes in sourcing desired product ranges that meet our client’s vast objective and operational goals. The company offers a broad range of products and services tailored to meet client-specific requests and functions across multiple functions and organizational focus.

Koeman Scientific Ltd

Koeman Scientific, a recent addition to the Koeman family, is focused on specializing and providing support to functional laboratories and diagnostic centers. Our service offering enables for more reliable and accurate processes, results, and knowledge transfer helping research and quality assurance objectives.

Our Partners