The best and most productive relationships are synergistic, goal-oriented, and a long-term relationship has the value add of deep-rooted industry and company knowledge and connections. Koeman Group is committed to providing quality services to our different range of clients and driving lasting value in servicing our client portfolio.



For our manufacturing and industrial clients, we offer a wide range of quality chemicals, culture medias, disposables, and equipment, sourced from leading manufactures worldwide. Our expertise in all aspects of sourcing, procuring, and distribution has resulted in us becoming a leading supplier to manufacturing industries in and beyond our territories.

Oil and Gas companies

We arrange for deliveries for a wide range of chemicals needed for analysis, processing, and quality testing within the oil and gas sector and partner with some of our reputable partners and manufactures in distributing high-grade chemicals, medias, and other similar industrial supplies within the oil and gas sector.

Oil and Gas companies

Energy companies

We supply just about any raw material, chemicals, or equipment needed and control the entire process of moving goods from our warehouses to the required plant or specified destination to ensure minimum delays of consignments.


We service private to public hospitals in the supply of filtration membranes, consumables, disposables, and reagent and sterilization units, again ensuring safety and efficiency.

laboratory centrifuge

Tertiary Institutions

We provide a comprehensive service to tertiary institutions, from consultation, planning, and installation of a standardized laboratory to supplying relevant chemicals and research equipment for educating and developing the leaders of tomorrow.

Regulatory institutions

As apex pillars to any society’s health and overall wellbeing, we understand the necessity of quality to regulatory institutions. Hence, Koeman Group Is committed to serving our regulatory bodies in the supply of all necessary quality testing materials, chemicals, reagents, and also assist in equipment supply installation and continued maintenance.

Regulatory Institutions