Our Services

To support our customers with reliable results for decision making, we provide a range of services specific to your business needs, and are available to assist you either remotely or at your facility.

Supply and Distribution Services

Offering laboratory, industrial, and research solutions for businesses.

Supply and distribution services play an essential part in our solutions. Through our product portfolio, channels, and subsidiaries, we supply and provide quality, standardized chemicals, equipments, consumables and reagents for your specified industrial or laboratory needs; and we offer specialized services as is specific to your business operations. Koeman Group constantly refines its services to ensure that the customer have the leverage to negotiate and choose from the most comprehensive set of options possible. We offer a wide range of supply and distribution services to hospitals, industries, oil and gas companies, regulatory bodies, tertiary institutions, etc.supplying products within these categories: chemical, equipment, reagents, consumables and microbiology medias.

Koeman Group have forged relationships with industry-leading manufacturers and supply chain distributors and can provide a range of solutions, tailored to your specific needs. Our services extend throughout Nigeria and within neighboring African countries.

Consultation, Planning and Installation

Customized and specific to your needs.

Koeman Group is you leading source for technical, medical, industrial and laboratory, equipment and facility planning and installation. Let us use our expertise and experience to help choose the right medical equipment for your facility. Operating under the principles of integrity, quality and value, Koeman Group of Companies has earned a sterling reputation in laboratory and equipment installation while fostering customer satisfaction and reliability. Our portfolio of offerings in this regard include:

  • Client consultation and planning.
  • Overall equipment need analysis and assessment. –
  • Facility conceptual space plan.
  • Estimate of capital equipment expenditures.
  • Match electrical requirements from equipment specifications.
  • Work closely with contractor on equipment needs.
  • Implementation Planning and Installation Schedules.
  • Procurement and Acquisition Strategy.
  • Installation, Testing and Acceptance.

Support, Training, and Maintenance

Systems, maintenance, and operations training.

Your relationship with us is an ongoing one and we believe that our outstanding client services are an indistinguishable part of the entire service experience. Our continuous support services are not only limited to meet your operational and technical objectives but to gain a competitive advantage and achieve high performance.

Our maintenance structure and support team has a wide range of expertise including subject matter experts in specific technical fields to highly-experienced technical engineers. Whether a new user just starting out with an equipment or an experienced long-term client, our support team is here to help with your specific queries and requirements.Our training is offered on a regional basis and global support is provided through local, regional experts. This provides the reassurance of having regional experts that understand your local, cultural as well as global needs.

We offer both Admin training, to train your software administrators and End User training, to assist you in training your end users on your specific equipment and technical functionality.

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